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Do you Chill Chardonnay?

Do you Chill Chardonnay?

Yes, do chill Chardonnay before serving. It is a type of White wine that always needs to be chill but not too much as it can lose its flavor. The most important factor behind the good or bad experience of Chardonnay is its serving temperature. However, the right temperature is the key component if you want to enjoy its optimal taste. Here you will get to know how to store and chill it at the right temperature so your investment can’t be wasted. We will also share some ways that are the best to chill it. 

How to Store and Chill Chardonnay?

If you have a stock wine then you must know how to store it properly so it can age to its potential. There are many ways to store its bottles such as wine racks, wine Fridges, wine walls, and wine cellar cooling units. Whatever way you are using but the common idea you experience in them is their design. All of them have a design to store the bottles horizontally. As it is not only a space-saving and compact technique but is also better for the bottles. 

The reason behind keeping the bottles horizontally is that if your bottle has a natural cork that will not dry out. This position will also help to prolong the life of wine. Wet cork causes less amount of Oxygen to seep into the bottle so its integrity can be preserved. This precaution is not necessary for the bottles having plastic corks or screw caps. 

Other points related to storing are lighting and limited movement of Chardonnay. 

It should keep away from direct sunlight that can fluctuate its temperature. But the light of home interior bulbs can’t affect it. If you don’t have a proper wine chiller and wine coolers then you can keep them in a cabinet, basement, garage, and unused dark closet. 

It should not handle it often as it can change its molecular structure, especially during the maturation process. Both of these factors can end in loss of flavor.

Storing temperature of it should be between 55-60F. While serving it should chill at 48F. Storage places having warm conditions will limit their age. The extreme temperature (cold or warm) will lose its fresh and fruity flavor. 

If you do not have a prescribed cool place then you can chill it in your kitchen fridge for two hours. But don’t forget to take it out thirty minutes before serving. Never use kitchen refrigerators to store it for a long time as their temperature is typically too cold. 

chilled chardonnay

Best Ways to Chill Chardonnay

Not having a proper place to store it can waste your investment in Chardonnay. A garage or unused closet can work for a while. But to avoid frustration for not having a properly chilled bottle you have to take a step forward.

A wine cooler is an ideal option to protect your collection and give them perfect living conditions. Similarly, wine cellar cooling units are a space-saving and accommodating option. 

These options will also give you the flexibility of placing them anywhere in your home. With these ways you will no longer worry about the storage area, your wines will not age before time and you will have a chill bottle on time. By using these advanced units you can enjoy perfectly chilled, presentable, and full of flavor wine. 


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